Friday, April 20, 2007

Easter morning- He is risen! Actually, Easter was very cold and Brady was getting over a bad virus, so Josh and the kids didn't go to church that day. We wore our Easter outfits a week later. The kids looked cute, but the picture of the fam isn't very good. The night before Easter we ate dinner with the Josh's parents and his sister and her husband. On Easter we had lunch and an egg hunt with my cousin Seth, aunt Sheila and all of their family. Grace and her cousin Owen were the only ones old enough to hunt.

Here are the kids in some Easter outfits. Poor Brady probably did not want to wear a bunny bib. But since I used to be a teacher, I am really into decorating for holidays and dressing the kids is no exception. Grace and I also made cookies for Easter.

Here is Brady in his Case shirt that uncle Micah gave him. He sells tractors in MS. A lot of people say that Brady looks like Micah, but we'll see. Ignore the dates of the pictures because sometimes I don't redo the date when we get new batteries. Brady is much, much happier now that he is crawling and that sure is a blessing for mommy.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Welcome to our blog!!! I am entering this century with the rest of you and trying this out! (Actually Josh set it up for me so hopefully I can do it now on my own!) I am very excited about this venture, mostly so people can see my cute kids. Don't they look so happy! This is how our house always is--a barrel of monkeys!! Yeah right! Well, I'll type more later, but I wanted to see how this works! I will probably go back a few weeks and add some more pics.