Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Random and EXCITING Happenings

The finished product. Lovely!
Second, we decorated a gingerbread Bunny House (from Target). I was very skeptical that this would work, but it actually turned out great! The icing really stuck to the walls, and the kids each decorated a side.

Of course, Grace's looked more realistic and she knew where to put the stickers.

Last Friday we began our Easter activities. First we used stickers and they each made an Easter scene of Jesus, the cross, the tomb, etc. Then we read the Easter story from the Bible.
Josh has always vaccuumed the stairs for me, since it's hard to hold the vaccuum and do a good job. However, lately he has taken over most of the other vaccuuming too. What a good hubby! Every time one of us gets it out, Brady has to get his vaccuum and help too. What a cutie!

Grace had Donuts with Dad at school. They got to wear a sports shirt, so they chose their t-ball shirts so they would match. She loved that Daddy could go to her classroom and have breakfast!

What are we having??

It's a sister!!!! Grace is thrilled!
I am back-stepping a little bit, but this was the morning we went to the doctor. We took the kids to Chick-fil-A for breakfast, then off to the doctor to find out if we were having a brother or sister. Brady didn't really get it, but Grace really wanted to know. This was before the appointment.

Spring Break in TN

In a police car! It was a great day for all! We stayed there so long they were really worn out!
There was a Kroger set up like a real grocery store. The kids could push their basket around and shop and then check themselves out. Denise had to help.

Grace was wearing piles of fabric. We didn't really know what she was.
There was a dress up area with a stage where the kids could perform. Go Buzz Lightyear!

We also got to go to the Children's Museum with Denise and her 3 kids. We were very adventurous that week. It was a great place for the kids to explore. First they went fishing.
She was super happy the next morning to find 4 quarters in her bag. She said in such a bewildered voice, "Mommy, I didn't even see that lady come in my room!" The tooth fairy, AKA "Mommy", didn't have the heart to take the tooth out of the bag after she was so scared she would lose it.
Pitiful thing!

Later that night we had a big occurrence in Grace's life- her first lost tooth! I don't think I wrote about this, but a few weeks ago we heard her crying in bed and went to check on her. She said her tooth was loose. We talked to her about it, that it was a big girl thing to happen, and all kids lost their teeth. She just kept saying, "what if it falls out in the carpet and I can't find it!" She had heard people saying "you lost a tooth" and she thought she would really misplace it and not be able to find it again. It scared her to death!

On this night, Uncle Micah was wrestling with her, and flipped her over the back of the couch. She didn't even hit her head, but somehow the tooth came out. Everybody was so happy for her, but she was crying. We were trying to tell her about the tooth fairy.

Grace loved the panda bear, but she informed me it wasn't real. It was someone in a costume. Little stinker!

The kids just HAD to ride the carousel and poor Miss Kelly offered to ride with all the kids. What a nice, thoughtful friend to let the pregnant lady rest for a minute! Good thing Sarah and Drew's Mimi was along for the journey too.
This was Brady's first zoo trip, sadly. But he enjoyed himself soo much! He was enthralled with all the animals and had a lot to tell me about each one. The giraffes were one of his favorites!
Sweet friends! Sarah and Grace act like they see each other every day! Poor Drew didn't want to be in the picture. As you'll notice, zoo day was also St. Patrick's Day.

Watching sea lions swim around

Once we got back to Memphis, we got to have more fun times with my high school friends! They are just so awesome! We got to go to the zoo with Kelly, her mom, and her 3 kids! It was a great day! L-R: Drew, Brady, Grace, and Sarah

Like I said, little climber! He would only stop to yell, "Go Zachary!"

I don't know what to say about little kids and 5 hour baseball games! We packed a bag full of balls, coloring pages, and lots of snacks and they went through it all! Grace does pretty good, but Brady is all over the place. We try to sit away from the other people so he has room to climb around, but a small child can only be confined for so long! Thank goodness my mom helps or I would be insane!

Uncle Zachary playing second base. The 3rd baseman got hurt, so he has been playing that position some also. Too bad Vanderbilt put us way way back from the field on some bleachers.
The precious neighbors that used to live next door to my parents also moved to Nashville. Therefore we had a nice, warm, free place to stay. It rained a lot of the weekend, so we hung out at their house. Their daughter Elaine also lives nearby. She is one of my best friends from high school and was my maid of honor. It was great to see her and her newborn son, David.

We had a whirlwind trip to TN for our spring break! We got to ride with our friend Amanda and her kids! It made the ride go so much faster! The day after we got to Memphis we rode to Nashville with my parents to watch some baseball. Ole Miss was playing Vanderbilt. Here is our famous player, Uncle Zachary!