Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Even More Swimming

Do you detect a theme here? I guess swimming is the only exciting thing we have been doing so far this summer. We don't mind--it's free and they love it! Of course, our thrifty Daddy loves it too because it is very cheap entertainment. This is our friends' neighborhood pool, that has a lazy river around it, so we just push the kids around on the floats. Hopefully you'll see some other action that the Palmers do besides swim!

Swim Lessons

We are having two weeks of swim lessons. Unfortunately, it has been a monsoon down here in TX, and we are having inches of rain each day. We have only missed one lesson so far, but some days it has rained during the lesson. Grace is learning to kick her legs under water, make strokes with her arms, blow bubbles, jump off the side of the pool, etc. There are only 3 kids in her age group, so she gets a lot of attention. There was a mommy and baby class that I didn't know about, so Brady and I will have to try that next summer. We just sit under the shaded area and he eats snacks and watches all the goings-on. I don't think I have a full-blown swimmer yet, but at least she is learning something.


Here are more swim pictures. It is a Saturday, which means Daddy gets to come with us! Grace has no trouble jumping off the edge while Brady sits in the shade! They seem to love it when Daddy does things with them--he must be more fun. We sure enjoy Saturdays with the whole family! We are blessed beyond measure!

Serious Children

Boy, are we having a serious dinner or what?! Grace is usually too busy singing at the dinner table to eat, but she takes time out to give Brady his little snacks. She wants him to sit right beside her (which is never a successful meal). Usually while I am making dinner, Grace is on the back patio blowing bubbles while Brady is out there in his exersaucer. Mommy has to put them somewhere so I can get a good meal on the table!

This was our first swimming outing of the summer. There is a city park nearby that has a great pool for little ones. There is a playground type thing in the water with slides, etc. that Grace loves. She says she is going to play with friends (people she has never met before). She is one friendly girl! Brady and I hung out in the very shallow part, but he loved it. It wasn't near as hard to take 2 kids to the pool as I thought. Grace loves to take care of her baby brother (strangling him like in the picture) and making sure he has toys to play with.