Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dance Recital- May 16th

I couldn't pass up posting this picture. Brady is wearing her costume from the previous year! I have lots of these pictures to bribe him with later!
Grace got a medal and a doll with the same costume on. Her dance studio is great!

Palmer Family
Granna and Papaw came from TN to the recital too! The t-ball game got rained out, so they didn't get to see that, but I'm sure the recital gave them memories of the thousands of recitals they sat through for me!
Grace got tons of flowers from her family! Grammy and Pops came to the recital!
They used these umbrellas with string on them to show how they can walk on their tiptoes. The ribbon bounced and they loved it!
The theme was "Under the Sea" and the girls had no idea that Ariel was going to show up. Grace was in heaven dancing next to her!

The room was very dark, so it was hard to get good pictures. They did both tap and ballet and also showed us what skills and positions they had worked on all year. The little girls have their performance at the studio, but next year it will be full throttle with all the other big girls at a performance hall!

Sweet precious girl could NOT wait for her dance recital! She was excited because her tutu was bigger this year! She's not as shy this year, so she was all about performing! She actually had a lot more balance than some of the girls.

Mother's Day Weekend

Each child made a placemat that had their handprints, and a MOM keychain. I think ours broke that very day! Oh well. I also got a precious glass plate that said my #1 job was being a mommy.
Right after Mother's Day, Brady had his Mother's Tea at school. He was SO excited to have me come to his class. They had a huge spread of food and sang a song about Spring. Too cute!

All the men had to have a picture too.
All the mothers!
Sunday we had Mother's Day lunch at the Palmers. We had secretly had the kids' picture made for Grammy of her 3 grandkids. She loved it, of course!

I always love these pictures of kids eating their first cake! Caleb loved it!
Cousin Caleb had a cowboy 1st birthday party! We ate yummy fajitas and had a cowboy boot cake!

Poor brother! He wants to play so bad, and sometimes just sits on the bench wishing he could be out there! He's pretty good already!

Mommu and Grandad came in from Lubbock for the weekend. We had t-ball, our nephew's first birthday, and Mother's Day. It was a packed weekend! Josh's grandparents are the most precious people! So far they have been able to make one game per season for each great grandchild and every one of their birthdays. They have 16 great grandkids under age 6 and 2 more on the way! What troopers!

Grace looks so thrilled to be out in 100 degree heat in pants! At least she has pink shoes!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

May, Part I

That night we had random ducks and rabbits in our yard! The kids loved feeding them!
The portraits of all the mommies were posted on the wall. I picked mine out right away. Not because I am THAT good at knowing my daughter's artwork, but because she knows me so well. Look at the eccentric clothing with tons of color, stripes and polka dots! That's me!! Loud colors and big earrings! Hilarious!

Grace and her class reciting Psalm 139, "For you created my inmost knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made." They can quote the whole chapter. Amazing, and it makes each mommy cry!
On May 7, Grace had a Mother's Day Tea at school. I love going each year. This year they made us bonnets, jewelry boxes, and portraits. They had cookies and punch for us, and showed us a little of what they learned this year.
Precious girl!!! How can she see anything coming her way with her hat like that? At least she's "ready!"
The cutest player, by far!!! She made it on base every time, however, she didn't hit too many balls off Daddy. She mostly used the tee.

The league this year was still through our church, but they got pitches from their coach, and then could hit off a tee if they didn't hit the thrown balls. We made progress each week. Here's the stellar player, Coach Josh!

T-ball began at the end of April, and boy was Coach Josh excited!! He planned, made spreadsheets, and thought about how each practice would work. Our friend, Matthew, coached with him. We had bascially the same team as last year, but we recruited another girl to play.

The kids' first swimming outing was to our Athletic Center's indoor pool. Brady was nervous again this year, but Grace is a real swimmer! They enjoy the little play area, but Grace already feels she's too big for that! Yikes!

April Happenings

We went to a playdate one Friday, and hadn't been there 3 minutes when Brady fell through the monkey bars and split his chin open. That was great! We spent the rest of the day in the ER. He ended up getting the liquid stitches, although now I am not a big fan of them. I don't think the wound closed good. Brady was only crying because he had to leave the park! That's a boy for you! He was awesome in the ER! I'm guessing this is our first of many trips to that place with a rowdy boy!
Grammy and Pops with the grandkids after the program. It was super cute!

Just to give you a feel of how big our church is, this group of kids is all 4 and 5 yr olds. And this is our chapel. It's insane! Grace's choir class was only 3 months of birthdays, and her Sunday class is only Feb, 2004 kids. Needless to say, our children's area is a madhouse!
Brother was great at the performance!! He watched sister perform with intensity!
The Sunday after Easter Grace had her spring choir program. All of the songs had to do with God's love, so they were supposed to wear pink, red, or hearts. In the fall program, Grace sang, but didn't look like she enjoyed it. She did NO hand motions. This time she was really into it. And she was also the girl with THE biggest bow in the show!
Aunt Marisa and sweet cousin Caleb! The kids can't wait until he can run and play with them!

He got a lot of eggs!! Unfortunately it had been a rainy morning, so we had to hunt inside. Not the greatest experience, but they didn't seem to mind.
Cousin Caleb has a great first experience of egg hunting. He really enjoyed shaking the eggs to hear the candy inside. What a cutie!!

The kids got huge easter baskets from us and goodies all week from Granna and Papaw.
After an awesome church service, Grammy, Pops, Marisa and Caleb came over for lunch. It was a good day to spend together.

Palmer Family- Easter 2009

Here's a better picture of the cute vest my mom made with the bunny on it!

Easter morning! Grace is once again wearing one of my outfits, and one my mom made for me years ago. They sure look sweet to be so mischievous!

Buddy mainly watched the shenanigans!

The kids enjoyed dying eggs with Daddy. We got 2 kits and they thought it was pretty cool! However, no one ate one hard boiled egg! That was a waste! Don't know if we will do that again!