Thursday, February 5, 2009

Breaking News....Okay, so a Little Old-

Here is the little peanut at 12 weeks. It is just amazing what God can do! The legs are already kicking strongly. Yes, we will find out what it is. No, we won't share the name again. Yes, we had to get on fertility drugs again. And yes, we were still shocked! I'm due Aug. 11, but have scheduled C-sections, so the doctor has already called the hospital and scheduled it for Aug. 3. Weird, I know. Talk about planned!
The kids were very happy, or at least Grace was. Brady had no idea what was happening or what his shirt said. Grace declared that it HAD to be a baby sister because she already had a brother. We'll see what happens.

Yep, if you can read the shirt, you got it! Brady is going to be a big brother! We told the kids Christmas morning because we knew they would not keep it a secret. We had him wear the shirt all day, and no one noticed but my mom. She said, "Oh Brady, what a cute Christmas shhhhhhh...what does that say?????" We had to tell my dad and brother. They never clued in.

Other Memphis Happenings

The reason I stayed in TN as long as I did was for this girl, Regan! She got married on Jan. 10 and I HAD to be there! She looked gorgeous and had the best wedding! She deserves the world and some of us were there to celebrate with her. (L-R: EJ, Kelly, Christy, Regan, Karen, Amber, me and Laura). Fun times!
One night Micah and Erica had us over for dinner, and the kids got into Guitar Hero. Uncle Micah had to help most of the time.

Boo hoo! Does this age thing ever reverse?!

I regretfully turned 32 while in TN. At least my family knows and loves me enough to get me a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake! Yum! We just grilled out as a family and had cake. I got some cards, flowers, and more cartridges to my precious scrapbooking machine!

These are some of the most special people to me, ever! These girls were in my "grade" in high school, and mean the world to me! They really helped me grow in Christ in high school, and we kept each other entertained and out of trouble. We have sort of kept in touch over the years and I wish I had a way to post a pic of us from high school. Scary!! Jennifer, Denise, and Jennifer each have 3 kids and somehow we were able to meet one morning to catch up without ANY children. That's a feat in and of itself! It was so great!

Another day, Kelly so sweetly offered to have a playdate, so EJ and I joined. Are there enough kids in this picture? Even though I stay at my parent's house a long time, I am never bored. My mom comes home for lunch each day, and over holidays my brother is living there too. Then I have a couple of awesome friends, namely Kelly, Denise, and Karen who fill my days with playdates, lunches, etc. It keeps my kids entertained and I'm so appreciative!

I have THE BEST friends...both past and present. These girls, however, are precious! I am the old fogie of the group, but we all went to the same church in high school. Our youth group was quite unique because we constantly hung out together, and kept in touch over all these years. We didn't all go to the same high school, but loved each other anyway. Those that were in town over the holidays met to have dinner together. It was such a sweet time to share, laugh, and enjoy each other again. L-R (Kelly, Regan, Colleen, EJ- Elizabeth, me, and Amber- you might recognize some of these girls from my other blogs!)

Christmas- Part III and IV

Grace got the Little Mermaid DVD, and several outfits for the American Girl "Bitty Baby" that she got last year. She is really into "dressing" dolls at the moment.
That day Brady got baseball bases and the Little People Nativity

It seemed like we were all getting Ole Miss and Texas Tech gear. Too bad they were playing each other in the Cotton Bowl and Texas Tech stunk it up!!!

Uncle Micah got a suit and a Texas Tech hat!

The Newlyweds
We drove to TN on Dec. 24 and stayed until Jan. 11. That was a long, long time! We had Christmas with Granna, Papaw, and Zachary on Christmas day, and then had it again when Micah and Erica came back into town. Our Christmas this year lasted 2 weeks!

Grace and Granna- Merry Christmas!
Uncle Zachary got a cool new cell phone, among other things.

My dad got my mom a leather jacket. FANCY!

Papaw got GPS. I don't know if any of us know how to set it up, but hopefully he can learn how it works.

I can't believe I'm posting this terrible picture of me, but I just had to show you what I got for Christmas!! A CRICUT! I went on the greatest scrapbook retreat last spring, and a lot of the girls had these machines hooked up to their laptops for scrapbooking. You type in words or symbols, and can print it out onto paper in thousands of fonts! So cool! It's one of the best presents I've ever gotten!

Josh got his beloved Wii. We played that thing for hours on end during our 3 week stay in TN. The funny thing is that Grace could beat almost everyone at bowling. Who knew a 4 yr old would be so good. She even beat Zachary, who I'm sure spends most of his waking college hours playing Wii and Guitar Hero.

Brady got a lot more of his Geo Trax. He loves trains!

Grace got the GREATEST dollhouse- The Loving Family dollhouse. So cool!

Papaw breaks his camera out only once a year, at Christmas. Who knows what funny stuff is on that 1989 camera! The kids had never seen such...