Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dance Camp Week

Poor Brady! The week of Dance Camp he just had to ride around in the car on errands. This will proabably be the poor guy's life now since Grace is old enough to participate in things. He did turn 10 months on 7/23 and he does so many funny things. He crawled all the way up the stairs and then turned around, smiled at me, and clapped his hands like he had really accomplished something. Little toot! He stands alone for several seconds and cruises around on stuff. We think he will walk before his first birthday. At 10 months he is 19 lb. 10 oz. and 29" long.

We signed Grace up for Dance Camp to see how she would like tap and ballet. I don't know why we worried about it because she loved it! She practiced Mon-Thurs and then we got to come and watch her perform. I think we will be doing weekly lessons come this fall! You can see her graceful moves on a previous post.

Our Tennessee Visit

This is Uncle Micah. We love him so much! When we are visiting, we spend a lot of time sitting on Granna and Papaw's front porch. It is up on a hill and we watch all that is going on in the neighborhood. We swing on their porch swing and visit. We really are a pretty boring family!

Brady seems much happier when he has no clothes on! He had a great time in TN also. He sleeps in Micah's old room which is really dark, so we all enjoy our stay.

We took another trip to TN and had a great time! Here is Grace playing dress up at Granna's house. She is wearing one of my dance costumes and some crazy hat of Papaw's. She loves to wear these costumes the whole time we are there, changing into different ones about 5 times a day.

July 4th

This was July 4th week. I of course dress them up for every holiday. We had a cookout at our house with some friends on the 4th, but didn't get any pics of that. The kids relationship is already grown into sibling rivalry. Grace pretends to "love on Brady" which means she is choking him. And he crawls over and takes whatever toy she is playing with. Who knew a 10 month old would know how to aggrivate? They are really good kids, but we are already learning how to share.