Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Grace and Wally

The night before we returned Wally, Josh made us baked fish for dinner. It was yummy!! Oops, sorry Wally! Maybe he didn't see us eating all that fish!
Playing outside with Wally and riding her scooter

After dance, I decided it was time to REALLY wash Wally. Grace wasn't happy!

Wally watching dance class. He looks thrilled!

Wally at dance class

Putting Wally to bed in her doll cradle, which had to be right beside her bed. Mean ole Mama wouldn't let Wally sleep in her bed. That thing smelled disgusting!

Trying to give Wally a bath

At Chick-fil-A

This here is Wally. Grace got to bring her class pet home for a few days. We were supposed to take Wally with us wherever we went and journal about what we did. Grace was so excited to have Wally that she could barely contain herself. Although it was cute, it was actually mommy who had to take all the pictures, get them developed at 9 o'clock at night, and do all the journaling. What 4 yr old journals? This would be a great idea in K-2. Anyway....

Fall in Texas....What Fall?

I guess Fall comes around here in Texas in September when people put their pumpkins and scarecrows out, but BOY is it hot down here! Fall is my favorite season and it blows by in a second! So, even though it's upwards of 85 degrees here, we're celebrating fall. And for those of you that know me, the decorations are out!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Brady's Elmo party

Sunday after the party...Granna and Papaw going back to TN. We sure were glad we had great family and friends to celebrate Brady with! We all had a great time!
Trying out the baseball machine outside. It cheers for you and the arm lifts up and puts a ball on the black stick. It's amazing!

Josh and Uncle Gary putting together the birthday presents. He got a pop-a-shot basketball game from Uncle Gary and Aunt Marisa, and a loud ESPN baseball machine from Granna and Papaw. He loves both! This boy never slows down until his head hits the pillow. He must be extra active because everyone comments on it, especially his poor teachers!

Granna and Papaw

Grammy and Pops

Our Mommu and Aunt Marisa. Mommu and Grandad still drive from Lubbock for the kids' parties. They are Josh's grandparents and we love them so much!

All his friends and Grace had to help open the presents. He wasn't that interested!

Loved his cake and ice cream. Those icing colors do wonder to a kid's poop! Yikes! The poor thing needs to eat 2 lbs. of cake! He only weighed 26 lbs. at his appt. The dr. wasn't worried.

Loved his cake!

We grilled out burgers for everybody and had sides, along with the cake and ice cream. We still just have mainly family and a few of our adult friends from years back.

This is Pops and our precious nephew, Caleb. They dressed identical for the party, by accident.

Brady and his buddy, Jackson. His mom and I are friends since college days at Texas Tech!

The finished product

Brady had his party a few Saturdays ago. He was saying all morning, "Elmo pawty" and was really interested in his cake. He seemed super excited for a 2 yr.old.

Friday, October 3, 2008

God help us....our 4 yr old is acting 20!!

We have had a rough week with Grace. It's as if we woke up one day and she had aged 16 yrs. She all of a sudden is getting way too big for her britches!! I don't know if she is learning "too much" from her darling friends in Pre-K, or her mind is just swirling with information. Whichever it is, her backside is learning it's lesson over and over, as well as many talks with Mommy and praying to God to help her obey, and occasional use of "Sassy Spray." If you don't know what that is, it's vinegar and water in a spray bottle. When she uses inappropriate language, we have to wash out those nasty words from her mouth. Now, don't you all go call CPS on me. We are trying to prevent a Britney Spears reaction down the road at 16.

On Tuesday before school, I was doing Grace's hair in her bathroom. All of a sudden she asks me, "Mommy, why do I have light skin and not dark skin?" I tell her that mommy has light skin and daddy has light skin, so when God made her in my tummy she had to have light skin too. And she says, "Well, I want to have dark skin." Bless her little heart!

Then that night, she proceeded to keep using the word "butt", which got her sassy spray. She can use that word soon enough.

Then yesterday she pronounced at dinner that she wanted to get married. We told her she had to wait about 20 more years for that, and she said "no, she was ready now." We told her she would have to move out of our house and not ever live with mommy and daddy anymore. She would have to live with her husband. And she says, "Yes, that's fine. I'm going to marry Court(a boy in her class.) We tell her she will have to live in another house, cook all the meals, and she is still fine with it. We try to act sad like this is really hurting our feelings, but it doesn't phase her. She's still today all about getting married. she really only 4??

Please tell us this is just a short phase, and not the new personality of our precious firstborn!