Friday, August 24, 2007

What we did in August!

Josh is making the poor guy chase after a toy!
The kids take turns pushing each other on this little bike inside the house! Yes, Brady can push Grace on it!

Notice the double T outfit! We love the Texas Tech Red Raiders!

These are Brady's attempts at walking. Each day he gets a little more sturdy. Josh wants him to run by now, but we take it one step at at time! Ha! Not only is he learning to walk, but he also has a little ball and bat he loves to play with. He puts the ball on the ground and can actually hit it with the bat (kind of like golfing). He also picks the ball up and tries to throw it in the air and hit it with the bat. I know it's kind of early, but with an uncle playing baseball for the SEC, you can't ever learn to quickly! Go Zachary!

This is what my kids are doing these days after breakfast. While I am cleaning up the mess they made in the kitchen, they are busy getting all 12 of my couch pillows down into the tile entryway to climb on. They are precious, but make one more mess for me to clean up!

I always like to see where people live (like EJ's cabin-like place in Crawford, TX), so here is our house. We were very blessed by someone else's misfourtune who was almost in forclosure. We live in a great neighborhood and all the street names are cute girls' names (Anna, Molly, Lauren, Samantha, etc.). Of course we think Texas is the best!!

One weekend we went over to Flower Mound where Josh's parents live. They have a shopping center right near their house that has these water spouts. Grace had a great time playing in them with a couple of other little girls, but Brady was scared of the random shots of water springing up. Pops just held him so he could watch the water.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Much Ado About Nothing...

Well, I've been gotten onto by friends to update my blog more regularly, so this is my attempt. The problem is, I don't know how to down load pics from our camera to the computer, so I have to wait on my sweet hubby to get around to it. More pics will come soon...

August has been a busy but lazy month. We haven't gone anywhere, so we've been at home a lot. We discovered the free kids movies at the theatres on Wednesday, so Grace and I got to do that twice. It was such great mother/daughter time. Grammy was so nice to watch Brady. We have had playdates with cousins and friends and even tried out the new Wiggly Center right around the corner. I think there are only 2 in the country, and I finally gave in to Grace's questions about when we could go. It is Wiggles mania, if you know who they are. We of course have gone swimming at least once a week, so the whole fam is getting a nice tan.

Grace has started her actual dance classes each Wed and she does tap and ballet. So far she is loving it and I hope she learns some technique. Brady just goes along for the ride to all these places, but he seems to really enjoy the water! He will be eleven months on Thurs and has already started taking a few steps alone. Every day he gets more sturdy and lets go of the couch, table, etc. Today he took 6 steps all by himself. He is a real mess and I am learning how different boys are than girls. He is louder than Grace ever thought about being and bangs toys, food, cups, and whatever else he can get his hands on. He takes toys away from Grace and generally aggrivates her. He climbs our stairs without me knowing, climbs Grace's recliner, and tried to climb up my vaccuum! Crazy guy! I am already reading Dr. Dobson's book about boys, so hopefully it will show me how to guide his energy and discipline him.

I am still singing in the church choir and doing lots of stuff at church. I signed up for a CBS Bible study for the fall at another church because I was wanting to learn more about scripture without a "topical study". The girls in our SS class study Genesis every other Thurs. night. I am also going to a Bunco group, which is always a good time.

Josh is basically the bread-winner for all of our activities. He works so hard at his job and likes it for the most part. For those that don't know, he is still a financial planner, but only for dentists and orthodontists. He is an usher at church and director of our SS class. Those guys also have a Bible study every other Thurs. He plays golf when he can, but most of the time it's at our friend's free neighborhood course.

Much more than you wanted to know about us, but I thought I would give an update. I promise more pics soon!