Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Break Week in TN

I am finally updating my blog with Easter pics. Trying to be hilariously funny or insightful isn't seeming to work, so I am just giving you the bare facts. Maybe next time I'll be more humorous. Part of my problem is that I need to learn how to download the pictures off the camera. I have to wait for my lovely husband to do it, and he has better things to do.

Everyone hunting eggs
Grace knew exactly what to do!

Micah and Erica hid the eggs for the kids. It was bitter cold outside and we were really in a hurry, so I didn't put anything in the eggs. Big mistake! Brady had never hunted eggs, but he was really disappointed that there was nothing in the eggs. He opened every one, and had this look of disgust when there was nothing inside. He started putting rocks in his basket instead. BOYS!

Easter lunch, which was delicious! Notice my mom's Easter table cloth, candles, serving dishes, and even Jell-O eggs, which are a tradition. When you try to eat them, they slide off your plate, but the kids love them!
Uncle Micah and soon to be Aunt Erica

Dianna and her precious kids- Easter 2008

Brady didn't care for his rabbit ears as much as sister, nor did he like his Peeps.

Brady was checking out his basket of goodies (mostly from the $1.00 section at Target). Daddy even sent a card since he was at home in Texas.

Getting a good picture is always hard, but at least they are looking in the same direction

Easter Sunday at my parent's church! He is Risen Indeed! It is so neat to teach your children about why Christ came, and the best part about it is when they begin to understand. We read the events of Christ's last week, and Grace had Resurrection Eggs that she made at school. She could tell everyone in great detail what each egg represented. It is so hard as parents to try and teach your children everything they should know, and you just pray for the day when they will accept Him as their Savior.

Watching more baseball with Uncle Micah. For these types of events, its key to have tons of snacks for the kids. Grace also brings a huge backpack of books, although she does cheer for the team. Without Granna's help, I would be a wreck from trying to entertain these kids!
St. Patty's Day

A Weekend of Baseball

The talented one
Grace and Granna- Rebel Fans!
Cousin Jessica, Aunt Patti, and Granna(my mom)

Uncle Scott and my grandmother, Mimi. She's 79 and still trucked it to Ft. Worth!

Brady and Cousin Justin
For those of you that don't know my extended family, sports is a big part of what we do. Well, my brother Zachary plays baseball for Ole Miss (The University of Mississippi) and they played TCU at the beginning of March. A lot of our family came to watch the action, but the best part was hanging out with everyone. It was still bitter cold and windy in Texas!