Sunday, July 26, 2009

THE LAST Post- prebaby!! Yes, OCD girl is caught up!

I'll end on a picture of my beautiful daughter! Next time you hear from the Palmer fam, we will be plus one!! A family of 5! I cannot wait! I DO still hope it's a girl, since the nursery is done and clothes washed. Please pray for the delivery, for a healthy baby, and for me. I always have some crazy things happen after I give birth. And pray we can adjust halfway normally! Love to all of you blog readers! I'm out....
Dare I show this picture of me? Please don't post this somewhere super embarrassing! I do have proof that I am hanging out with my kids! In fact, about 2 days a week I take them to the pool all by myself, thank you very much! And I endure all the stares from people, who are really thinking, "Lady, you are crazy! Please don't let your water break here at the pool!"

Can't beat the summer! Swimming, ice cream, not so many crazy TV shows to watch! Being outside with the fam is so fun!
More pool time at the gym with Daddy! Saturdays are a blast because Josh can come with us to the pool! Brady finally got brave enough to do the slide in his area of the pool. He really has to warm up to adventurous things while Grace goes full throttle!

Sweet girl doing the lazy river!

The park did have a huge enclosed water slide that Grace was big enough to ride! She's 2 inches shy to do the ones at our gym. I think she did this continuously while we were there! She's so independent and wants to do her own thing, by herself. She wants no help from me! Where did my baby go?

Our Sunday School class has playdates about once a month. This month was at a city waterpark, similar to our gym facilities. The kids had a blast, thank goodness. Besides the pool, mommy hasn't been to adventurous this summer! Poor darlings are probably having a boring summer.

Isn't my diaper bag beautiful!!! I cannot believe they got this for me! It's super big and cute, and came with a bottle warmer, changing pad, and zip up bag for dirty diapers! Sweet! It was a great night and I am so thankful for these hilarious girls!

I got some super cute clothes and Target gift cards! Score!!!!

Even more sweet friends!

More sweet friends!

On July 16th, some of my church choir buddies threw me a dinner party for the baby. Since it's my third, it's kind of impractical and rude to have a shower. We just had fun eating together and I got a couple of really cute things!! Most of these girls have recently had babies too, so it's been a fun fall, spring, and summer!

We got to go to a huge brunch in the hotel the next morning. It was fabulous! We ate so much we didn't want to swimming. Josh rigged up our camera and got a picture of us off our balcony before we left. Happy 10th anniversary, honey! I got an updated wedding ring, that I should've taken a picture of. It's gorgeous! And I got another band coming for it when the baby gets here. After my swelling goes down, I'll post a pic of it! What a sweet hubby! Maybe we can take the cruise next year.

After we checked in Friday night, we went to an Italian place to eat. I love Italian, but Josh, not so much, so we don't eat it often. Then we came back and walked around the hotel and people watched. This Cowboy was on stilts and next to him was a lady all covered with greenery on stilts. People didn't realize she moved, so it was hysterical to watch people freak out! Once it got dark, there was a fireworks show outside over the lake. Embarrassingly, I couldn't walk all the way out to the fireworks, so Josh got me a wheelchair and wheeled my pregnant self out to the festivities. Talk about devotion!

Here's a replica of the Alamo. It's a snack bar/coffee bar inside!

If any of you have ever been to the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, this place was built by the same people. Indoor water features and lots of plants, but with a Texas feel! So fun to look off your balcony and watch everything!

July 10th was Josh and my anniversary!!! We were celebrating 10 years! I am so blessed to be married to such a great and patient guy! He provides so well for us, and plays with the kids constantly! He bathes them for me, and we sure enjoy all our family time together! We were supposed to go on a cruise for the anniversary, but since I am hugely pregnant, we had to stay in Dallas. But we got to stay at the Gaylord Texan! It was awesome!

Here's a picture of us visiting the Frisco Snow Cone lady after supper one night. We frequent her about once a week, because the snow cones are $1.00 and huge! Who has $1.00 snow cones anymore?? And she's a widow trying to make money. By the length of the lines, we think she makes about $150.00 an hour! That's pretty good in my opinion. Boy, are they yummy!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

America's Birthday! So glad we're still free!

Once it got darker, the kids were throwing those little pop-its. Not really fireworks, but good enough for them. They don't know any different, and it made a loud noise without fire!

I can't believe I don't have any pictures of this...but Carrie's parents had bought a ton of fireworks. It's illegal in Texas to shoot fireworks in a neighborhood, but what did they care? Carrie's mom was telling Carrie's dad, "Light this, shoot off that!" There were a couple of 7-10 fireballs that would shoot off, supposedly only supposed to go 15 ft. high. Well, those puppies were going 50 ft. and exploding over the house. All us young people were telling them to stop, that the cops might come, but the older folks sure didn't care. They were lighting up all sorts of fireworks! It was hilarious! Finally, Carrie's dad said that was enough...he didn't want to be arrested! It was a super fun day/night!

We drove to see the Frisco fireworks once it got really dark, and we waited and waited and nothing was happening. Finally, hot pregnant momma had enough and we went home. We did get home in time to see them out of Brady's bedroom window. Oh well, maybe next year we'll see a better show! The next day the kids were telling everybody, "We didn't see the fireworks because my mom wasn't feeling good." Thanks! Blame the party-pooping on me!

Family Pic- July 4, 2009. Ignore my huge, sweaty self!

Roasting S'mores in the chiminea.
The kids also got to roast s'mores for the first time! They loved the roasting, but not the s'mores so much! They just wanted the Hershey's chocolate! Yummy!

We had TONS of food! There were hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, grilled corn, 2-3 salads, fruit, chips, beans, brownies, cupcakes...on and on! Carrie and her mom did us right! Good thing I can eat what I want for a few more weeks! Brady loved the iced brownies!

The kids and Josh got to swim again
Our sweet friends from church, Ross and Carrie, invited us to Carrie's parents for a party! How nice! We had a super good time!
On the 4th, we were really bummed because we actually had no plans. Josh wanted us to have a big cookout and invite a bunch of friends over, but with 4 weeks left until I deliver, I wasn't really up for a big shin-dig at our house. We had been swimming the day before and TRIED to make homemade icecream. What was left to do?

Here's the normal holiday pic where the mommy who used to teach has to dress her children up for every holiday! And I decorate the house for every holiday too. Just ask my college roomies! :) What is it about teachers? Always into holidays, wearing festive sweaters, etc.

The end of June!

Grace cares nothing about mowing! She usually rides her bike or looks for rollie pollies. Oh the life of a 5 year stressful!!
I love when kids get about 3 and they start to mimic whatever their same sex parent does. Every time Josh mows, Brady has to get his mower and follow him all over the yard. Precious!

Our evening fun mostly consists of hanging out in the front yard. It's a bit cooler, so the kids can ride bikes, play with the neighborhood kids, eat popsicles, etc.

Sibling rivalry! Grace pushing Brady off the slide, while Paxton and Bowman innocently watch!

We had a playdate one day with Amanda and her kids Paxton, Bowman, and Kerrington. The kids played, did the slip-n-slide, then we all trekked to McDonald's. Summer is so fun with friends!
Pacey loved the slide! Sweet thing! We were glad she and Rachel were able to come over from Ft. Worth!
Caleb has only been to these playgrounds a couple of times, but he enjoys it! He doesn't seem to be too afraid of much!

One day we went to the mall to eat and play inside. Brady's cousins Caleb and Pacey got to come.
Brady is trying to enjoy indoor skating! As I get bigger and it gets hotter, the poor kids are having to entertain themselves more INSIDE! We do go swimming a couple of times a week. Thank goodness they play well together!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

June- low key...sort of!

Floating! The best thing is that now she's a swimmer. I wouldn't go off and leave her totally unattended, but I don't have to be in the water. She can swim around and even dive for sticks!
She was learning to kick her legs with more strength.

Grace had swim lessons at Ms. Leslie's house for 2 weeks. These were so much better than the city lessons. She took with these other 4 kids, and really learned to swim this year!

Me and how I'm going to look in 40 years! This is my dad's mom, Mamaw!

Kelli and her husband Danny and his little boy, Daniel. Sweet new family!
My Daddy came from TN to sing the Lord's Prayer. He did a great job!

My cousin Hutch, Kelli's new hubby Danny, Jill's husband Alex, and my cousin Seth. All major cut-ups!

Kelli and her mom, my aunt Sheila. Whenever we need a break from life here, we go south an hour to my aunt's house. There's never a lack of excitement with her!!

June 12-13 was super crazy! We had had VBS all week, and I worked it like a crazy woman! On Saturday, my sweet, sweet cousin Kelli got married south of Ft. Worth so I stayed here. Josh's grandparents were also having a 60th anniversary party in Lubbock the same day and time, so he took the kids and went to West Texas. I guess you can see who got the camera. This is Kelli, her sisters Jill and Haylee, and my cousin Seth's wife, Jeannine. It was a family affair for sure!

Here's just an example of how I used to look (back in mid-June). I look even bigger now if you can believe it!

The team listening to Coach Josh's post-game speech! Really they were looking forward to the snacks!

June 6th Grace had her last t-ball game. She was sort-of into it. Daddy was super into it. He really wants her to play one more year so he can coach. Brady still won't be old enough to be on a team. We'll see what she has to say about that next spring.
Sweet girl on 2nd base. Unfortunately, we can already see that Brady will be the real ball player.

Alot of times after supper, the kids want to play outside with Daddy. Sometimes they ride bikes or eat a popsicle, but a lot of times they like to play t-ball.

We found a super duper slip n slide at Target, so we set that up a few times. My kids don't know how to slide on it, but they have fun anyway!