Friday, January 30, 2009

Christmas Morning, Part I

For the past few years, Josh and I haven't gotten big gifts for each other. We just fill each other's stockings, sometimes over the brim. It's been really fun! He got athletic pants, a movie, cologne, cross word puzzle book, razor blades, etc. I got a new watch, Junior Mints :), a renewed PEOPLE subscription (if you know me, you know how much I love this!), a CD and more. Sorry that there's never any pictures of me. Well, I'm not really sorry. I am always taking the pictures, and what mommy wants pictures of them in mis-matched pj's and no make-up on Christmas morning? Yikes!
I like stockings the best! They are so fun to fill! The kids got candy, markers, chap stick, these mugs with their names on them, and other little trinkets. For first time stocking fillers, Target's dollar section is awesome!

That girl loves to sing!

Does Daddy like Christmas or what??

Grace loved the bike, especially the little bag on the front.

I'm pretty sure Brady's favorite gift was the gun, which made 20 different annoying shooting sounds.

Santa came to our house on Dec. 23rd because we were leaving for Tennessee the next day. Our car couldn't fit 3 weeks worth of clothes, 20 presents, a bike, keyboard, 4 people and a dog with cage! Good thing the kids don't understand yet that Santa is supposed to come for the 25th. Here they are waiting at the top of the stairs to see if Santa really came!

'Twas the Night Before the Palmer's anyway

Grace got a "big girl" bike whose training wheels will hopefully come off soon. She also got a keyboard and microphone, Perfection game, suitcase, toiletry bag, and Sleeping Beauty Barbie. "Santa", AKA Dianna and Josh, about died putting stuff together. Especially me!! Josh thinks this is the most fun thing in the world, but I was cussing. Does anyone else hate how MANY plastic ties they secure the toy to the box with? Thousands! And tape, and more cardboard than should be allowed in our "green" environment. I couldn't do it! I couldn't un-do one more plastic tie! And the decal stickers! Insane! They sure don't want to help you out in any way!

Merry Christmas to All, and to all a good night, anyway!
"Santa" was pretty good this year. We didn't want to go ALL out since the economy isn't the greatest. My mom keeps saying, "SAVE YOUR MONEY!" like we need to be hiding it under our mattress. I digress.... Brady got the Helmet Heroes police gear, more parts to his train, a Buz Lightyear gun, a semi truck full of matchbox cars, a suitcase, "Jungle Book" movie, and Texas Tech jersey. Pretty good for a 2 yr old. Josh was totally disgusted that "Santa" needed to bring monogrammed suitcases. That's no fun, he says.

Showing their letter to Santa....begging him to leave toys because they were good enough!

They were really concerned for the reindeer as well. I don't know if they knew about this from school or where they got it from. We don't really talk in depth about the reindeer. Anyway, carrots it was!
The kids love making cookies for Santa. I was surprised how much Brady got into it. We're usually in a hurry, so break and bake it is!

Palmer Christmas

Palmer Family- 2008
Josh got ties, dress pants, golf glove, etc. I got the same kitchen shears as Marisa, giftcards, perfume, and pj's. It was a great Christmas for all! It's really nice that we get to see each other frequently anyway, since we live near one another. But Christmas is always special.

Caleb got a musical tool bench, balls, and a highchair.

Pops got clothes and giftcards, I think. Sadly, it's been to long for me to remember. He likes to help the kids open the boxes!

Grammy got clothes and her necklace. She also made us a nice lunch to eat. I think Christmas is her favorite holiday.

Uncle Gary got lots of giftcards. He wants special parts for guns, which none of us know how to get. Poor Gary!
Aunt Marisa got some kitchen shears, a robe, pj's and giftcards.

Grace got a Cinderella barbie and a baby doll. She loves dressing things right now.

Brady got this cool tool bench and a Cars sleeping bag! Both great gifts!

We had our Palmer Christmas early, on the 20th. We were going to TN and Marisa and Gary were going to Lubbock. Here is uncle Josh holding sweet Caleb. Grace loves to help take care of him.

An X-rated Christmas

I may be kicked off Blogger for this picture, but it's worth it. If you have ever seen my son in person, you know how very skinny he is. I don't know another 2 yr old with such a defined six pack. Anyway, one morning after breakfast I went upstairs to find this little guy running around. He had taken his diaper and pj's off, and put on my fuzzy socks and this hat. Hilarious! Think this can be bribery during his wedding video?
Because I work at the preschool, I couldn't go to the whole hour of the party. So Grammy came to be with Grace. She helped her decorate a gingerbread house.

Her class recited the Lord's Prayer and sang a few Christmas carols. They are getting so big!

Grace's class wrote on the board for all of us to see their names.

These are all the little brothers and sisters. They got to decorate cookies, but not participate in the story.

The whole crew! My friend does this for her older daughter, who is in public school. She invites all the girls in her class. What a great way to tell little kids about Jesus who may not hear about him at home!

Our friend Sam had the greatest Christmas party! We got to make a craft, decorate cookies, and then act out the true Christmas story. All of the kids invited were Sam's boy friends from school and soccer, but Grace was the lone girl invited. Someone had to be Mary, and no 5 yr old boy would choose that!

Friday, January 23, 2009


I got to sing again this year in our church's Christmas program, Gloria. It's always such a fun time and so amazing singing with just over 500 people! John Tesh was a part of our program. Entertainment Tonight anyone?? He was pretty good if you like that type of thing, but his little singing assistant girl was so annoying. Anyway.... we only had 4 performances this year, which was much more bearable. Grace and Josh came with his parents, and Brady went to the nursery. Grace really enjoyed the ballerinas that came out of the ceiling. Please ignore our horrendous red glitter tops! Not what I would choose to wear!
We have this little wooden manger scene, and Brady got it one day to play with. He was just in his own world, talking, and acting things out. He seems to know more than Grace did at this age, which is amazing to me, since Grace talks nonstop. What a precious boy!

Bowling and Jesus?

Santa- 2008- No one is crying! Good enough for me!
The last part you wait in is like you are inside a snowglobe. It's snowing fake snow and the huge train front was coming in. It makes the wait worthwhile! Thank you Willow Bend Mall!

Our mall has the coolest interactive area to wait for Santa. Last year it was the Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe, and this year it was The Polar Express. As you wait in line, you pass these huge snowglobes that have moving people in them (like the boy looking out his window at the train coming). Lots to look at! Then you go through this tunnel that looks like the inside of the train! The kids could pull levers and ropes and push buttons that all made train sounds. So cool!

This was the day I took the kids to see Santa. I dressed them up all cute, and they were doing the silliest poses. It was driving me crazy because I never got a good one. Oh well, off to see Santa. Hope that goes well....

This is one day before school. The kids are loving this time of year at school because they are learning Christmas songs and hearing all about Jesus' birth. They have Happy Birthday Jesus parties at school and celebrate the Savior's birth. I am so thankful we are still free to go to a Christian preschool and teach our children about God!

Gabrielle, Katie, and Grace partying down like 5 yr olds do!
Grace got to go to her first bowling party! Her friend Gabrielle had her party at a bowling alley, and it was so fun! Grace really enjoyed it and did well with the helpful ramp they provided. The way these places do parties now is insane!

Christmas Card Pic??
Precious children! I could just eat them up! Although I don't feel like the best mom sometimes, I think my kids are pretty well behaved and so sweet! My mom made these Christmas outfits for them!

Tree Decorating!

Brady loved decorating! He did a pretty good job, although he kept wanting to move the ornaments all Christmas season.

The Palmers are back in the land of the living, and I am finally posting. Some of my friends were about to disown me if I didn't get updated.

Nov. 30th we put up our tree. Josh's family has a tradition of giving ornaments each year, so here are the ornaments the kids got from us and Mom-mu and Grandad, and Grammy and Pops. Grace is so serious!