Thursday, May 31, 2007

This is Grace's usual attire. She is really into "princess" and has to wear a dress every day. Good thing I bought all those shorts for summer! My mom's friend made her this princess skirt and she wears it all day, every day over her outfit. We have started chores or "jobs" as she calls them. She has to feed the dog, put her dishes in the sink at each meal, brush her teeth, clean her toys up before bed, etc. She is putting a sticker on her chart in this picture, which is how we see what "jobs" she did that day. On Saturday she gets 10 cents and we have a great piggy bank from Granna. She has 3 slots to put her money in (tithing, saving, and spending). We are so proud that she knows how much goes in each area.

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Michael & Meaghan said...

What a great picture! Grace looks like such a big girl.