Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Brady's Birthday Party

Brady had a great first birthday party! He got this awesome Radio Flyer Bike that he loves along with lots of cars, balls, and a new bag/backpack. We had a lot of our family in for the party, which was an animal/zoo theme. We cooked out hamburgers and all the fixings and had cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday to Brady!
Grace and her Papaw

Brady and Granna

The lion cake Mommy made for the party. Yummy homemade icing that is basically Crisco and powdered sugar! But you can't beat it!

Brady absolutely loved his cake. We also gave him a scoop of icecream on his tray that he just picked up and took bites out of, like an apple. We thought all was well and good until the next day at church. We hadn't been in class for 20 minutes when they paged us to come to the nursery. I went to his class and they said he was having extremely weird colored diapers and frequent. Guess the yellow and black icing didn't sit too well with him! That was funny and the teachers laughed about it!

He got this Thomas push train that is also a flashlight! He loves pushing things and hearing the sounds. Thanks Mommu and Grandad.

Here's Brady's new bag we can carry around. Sadly, we don't need the baby bag anymore! He's too big to need all that stuff!

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