Tuesday, December 11, 2007

November in a Nutshell! Ha!

Brady was getting pretty anxious about eating! He loves meat and fruit!
Here were the guys watching the kids play in the leaves. Actually, our turkey was frying in the background, and they were ready to eat! It was so great to see Zachary home from school, and Micah ate with us. He left after the yummy meal, and that weekend he got engaged to a sweet girl named Erica! We are looking forward to their wedding this summer and her becoming a Miller!

Grace in the leaves in TN

For Thanksgiving, we went to Tennessee. It is always great seeing the family! My dad raked a huge pile of leaves up for the kids to play in. This was Brady's reaction at first, but then we realized he was scared of my brother's huge dog running in the leaves. After we got the dog away, he really enjoyed himself.

Here is Grace's after school. She had her Thanksgiving meal and wore her "fall dress." She made her feather headband and turkey puppet at school. We kept reading a book about Squanto and the first Thanksgiving at home, but I'm not sure she understands what the holiday is all about yet. She did say some things she was thankful for.

Josh turned 31 on November 12th. What an old man!! I made him chocolate pie and we had Spring Creek Barbeque for supper. He got his steak meal another night. Josh is the greatest daddy around! He loves playing with the kids, and puts them to bed every night. Happy Birthday!!

I love taking pictures of my kids before church. We are always in a huge rush, but I like to have the pictures to remember the cute outfits they had. Thanks, Lovells, for letting us borrow the jumper for Brady!

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