Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas with the Palmers

Grace got butterfly wings that have a microphone attached. It also plays songs. And Brady got a Bubble mower that he will have to use inside until it gets warmer outside. They loved Christmas at Grammy and Pop's house.
Last year, Grace would yell "cheeeeese" when we took her picture and had this silly look on her face. This year, she just gives you the most serious "miller" face and won't smile at all. She did love her new Cinderella dress though.

These pictures are of the Palmer family Christmas. We had a nice meal at Josh's parents house on Dec. 15 and opened all our gifts. Watching the kids was the most fun. We are very excited because in the spring we will finally have a real first cousin! Josh's sister and her husband are having a boy and we cannot wait!

I have to brag on Josh for being such a good Daddy. He bathes the kids (he does it every other night) and puts them to bed. I don't know many Daddys that do it without fail, and he is glad to play with them, say prayers, and put them to bed. It is my time to relax-Yipee! Brady is finally not scared of being in his baby tub and enjoys baths with sister.

This was Dec. 8, and Grace and Josh came to see me perform with our church choir. Grace loved watching the ballerina most of all, and poor Brady had to be in the nursery. I just love this picture because years down the road I can show it to the kids and remind them how innocent they once were.

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