Monday, March 3, 2008

Valentine's Day

I am a former teacher, and therefore feel like I need to decorate my house AND my children for every holiday. The aggrivating thing is that you can't find stuff for boys to wear. I can never find shirts for Valentine's, St. Patrick's, Easter, even Christmas was hard. I try to be fair, but Grace has tons of holiday related outfits and Brady is just boring. Any tips from any of you??
Granna also had a scarf made for Grace. She wants to wear it everywhere, and was insistent on taking it to Florida, where I told her she would not be needing a scarf!

The kids got all sorts of candy, cards and stuffed animals from Granna and Mimi. Josh got me a spa day, so that will be awesome!

Valentine's was really a blur this year, because we were leaving on our trip the next morning. Everyone hurried to open their presents that evening, then we all put on our pj's and drove over to Josh's parents house. We spent the night there because it is near the airport, where we were flying out the next morning.


TXSkipper said...

I've found Old Navy and The Children's Place to have some shirts for the "smaller" holidays. The boys ones aren't always as cute/festive, but it at least is something. Maybe that will help.

Michael & Meaghan said...

I love your festive spirit. I'm waiting to see Grace & Brady in a "Martin Luther King, Jr. Day" shirt.