Friday, October 3, 2008

God help us....our 4 yr old is acting 20!!

We have had a rough week with Grace. It's as if we woke up one day and she had aged 16 yrs. She all of a sudden is getting way too big for her britches!! I don't know if she is learning "too much" from her darling friends in Pre-K, or her mind is just swirling with information. Whichever it is, her backside is learning it's lesson over and over, as well as many talks with Mommy and praying to God to help her obey, and occasional use of "Sassy Spray." If you don't know what that is, it's vinegar and water in a spray bottle. When she uses inappropriate language, we have to wash out those nasty words from her mouth. Now, don't you all go call CPS on me. We are trying to prevent a Britney Spears reaction down the road at 16.

On Tuesday before school, I was doing Grace's hair in her bathroom. All of a sudden she asks me, "Mommy, why do I have light skin and not dark skin?" I tell her that mommy has light skin and daddy has light skin, so when God made her in my tummy she had to have light skin too. And she says, "Well, I want to have dark skin." Bless her little heart!

Then that night, she proceeded to keep using the word "butt", which got her sassy spray. She can use that word soon enough.

Then yesterday she pronounced at dinner that she wanted to get married. We told her she had to wait about 20 more years for that, and she said "no, she was ready now." We told her she would have to move out of our house and not ever live with mommy and daddy anymore. She would have to live with her husband. And she says, "Yes, that's fine. I'm going to marry Court(a boy in her class.) We tell her she will have to live in another house, cook all the meals, and she is still fine with it. We try to act sad like this is really hurting our feelings, but it doesn't phase her. She's still today all about getting married. she really only 4??

Please tell us this is just a short phase, and not the new personality of our precious firstborn!


kelly w said...

right there with ya, dianna! we have been using sassy spray A LOT lately (or at least the threat of it)! we are definitely picking up some not so favorable attitudes and opinions at preschool...i'm sure sarah is sharing her fair share though too. sarah's big thing right now is arguing with us. she'll say, "C-C-Cat" and then "cat starts with K". when i correct her that cat starts with c, she says that no, i am wrong. i don't know why, but THAT infuriates me more than anything! ugh! she thinks she know everything at 4 years old! and we ALL KNOW that her mommy knows everything instead :) so, we are definitely having a battle of the wills here too! good luck! i'll pray for you as i pray for us!!!

Jennifer Ferguson said...

That is such a precious post! I can just imagine sweet little Grace getting sassy spray. Don't worry you are safe with me! I laughed outloud at your comment on preventing a Britney Spears! HA

Jessica S said...

Oh...and I had such hopes that the 'tude I get wouldn't be SO bad in a year or so! It's just a more mature version I suppose. I'm so glad when other moms post the "real" stuff that goes on from day to days all seem to have some sort of drama like this but most people never share similar stories!