Sunday, December 7, 2008

Early November Happenings

November 12th- Happy 32nd Birthday, Daddy!
Josh got a staple gun from his parents. The kids had to help open.

On the day before Josh' birthday, we went to eat at his choice, Babe's. It's a country place that only serves chicken fried steak or fried chicken, and then brings huge bowls of corn, green beans, rolls, and mashed potatoes for everyone to share. Grammy and Pops came too. The waitresses even do the chicken dance and ask the kids to join along. It's a fun place.
This will be bribery for Brady at his wedding! He does make a beautiful Cinderella though!


maribeth said...

poor boys! miller prefers snow white because it is "hot" blue as he refers to it!

Amanda Lovell said...

So glad that you updated two months worth of your life in one day. Very impressive! I hate it that we missed Taryn's party. It looked like a ton of fun.