Sunday, December 7, 2008


We let them ride this train twice to try and get rid of our tickets. It was a great night and fun for all, but time to go home. Mommy didn't even get her funnel cake. Oh well. At least Brady got to play the games this year. Although he thought you got to eat the candy you were given after every game. Talk about a sugar high!!

Who thinks up these games?? The object is to throw mini dog chewing bones into the dog bowls. Of course Brady loved this game, but not as much as ones with balls.

Grace chatting with her friends like old ladies: Riley (butterfly), Chloe (in pink bow), and Taryn (Snow White back behind). Hilarious!

Grammy and Pops with their 3 grandchildren

Family Photo
Grace just HAD to ride the ponies. Notice Josh's smile. We are all laughing at him because he is walking in all that horse poop! Anything for his little girl, right?

Goin' Fishin'

This is Pacey. Josh's cousin Rachel and her husband had her this time last year. Isn't she a cute butterfly?
Our nephew, Caleb. For his first Halloween, he was a pumpkin.

We found Brady's friend, Jackson (or Elmo). They were having more fun rolling in the grass and down the hill than playing any games!

Feeding goats...You would've thought they were wild goats the way they were behaving!

Thank goodness Grammy and Pops come with us to help corral the troops!

First stop: finger nail painting. Brady was NOT interested!

This year Brady was a mouse and Grace was Sleeping Beauty. She has been asking for 2 yrs. to be a princess, so I finally gave in. We were off to our church Fall Festival. In order to visualize what we go to, picture 27,000 people in 5 parking lots with hundreds of games. I can't even count the number of inflatibles to jump in. Thank goodness they have an area for preschoolers and an area for "big kids."

They got a little pumpkin filled with bubbles, so they had to try them out right then!

These are the kids pumpkins on Halloween morning. We try not to give them candy since they will load up later at the Fall Festival, so we gave flashlights, books, glow necklaces, etc.

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