Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Random and EXCITING Happenings

The finished product. Lovely!
Second, we decorated a gingerbread Bunny House (from Target). I was very skeptical that this would work, but it actually turned out great! The icing really stuck to the walls, and the kids each decorated a side.

Of course, Grace's looked more realistic and she knew where to put the stickers.

Last Friday we began our Easter activities. First we used stickers and they each made an Easter scene of Jesus, the cross, the tomb, etc. Then we read the Easter story from the Bible.
Josh has always vaccuumed the stairs for me, since it's hard to hold the vaccuum and do a good job. However, lately he has taken over most of the other vaccuuming too. What a good hubby! Every time one of us gets it out, Brady has to get his vaccuum and help too. What a cutie!

Grace had Donuts with Dad at school. They got to wear a sports shirt, so they chose their t-ball shirts so they would match. She loved that Daddy could go to her classroom and have breakfast!

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