Saturday, May 12, 2007

Here is Matt, Elaine, and Anna Claire. They were so kind to come to Memphis while I was there and it was nice to see them. Elaine and her family lived next door to my family in Germantown. She came over to meet me the night we moved to TN from TX when I was 15. Thank the Lord for her introducing me to people and being a great next door neighbor! Thanks to her, my transition wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been, and we had tons of fun times with all of our church buddies!

Speaking of church buddies, here are some! Our friend Kelly set up a dinner and playdate while I was in town. Thank you Kelly! It was so great to catch up with these girls who I went to church with in high school. I am the old lady of the group. From top is Christy, Colleen, and me, Elaine, Kelly, Molly, and Regan. We chatted for hours and then met a couple of days later so all of our kids could play. Everyone has such sweet, precious children.

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