Saturday, May 12, 2007

Uncle Micah got back in town and went with us to the Ole Miss/Memphis game. He is very intense about the game, but we love him anyway. Especially Grace!
We all got to eat out with Zachary after one of his games, so it was nice to actually talk with him. He hasn't been able to see Brady much since his birth, so he was glad to see what new tricks Brady could do.

After 16 innings had passed, we took Brady to the car to feed him dinner. You can tell he enjoyed eating. As many of you know, he has been a harder baby and just wanting mommy to hold him at all his waking hours. Well, since he has been crawling and moving around, he is getting much happier. I think he wants to do what Big Sister is doing. So needless to say, we are enjoying life much more and Mommy is much, much happier!

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