Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas in Lubbock!

Papaw got new leather gloves!
My mom got pj's. Also if you notice the stockings above her, there are 26 total stocking and my mom made all of them! My Mimi likes for everyone to have their stocking.

I got a new coat, purse, make up brushes and some other things. It was a great Christmas.
Josh got money for trees for our front yard and some DVD burning software.
Here's the long-awaited pic of Micah and Erica. She is an only child and braved her holiday down in Texas with all of our family sleeping in the same house. She is just the greatest and we are so happy to have her in our family. They will be getting married Aug. 2 in TN!
My brothers Micah and Zachary opening their gifts.
Granna and Papaw gave Grace the American Doll Bitty Baby and she loves it! It came with a diaper bag full of stuff.

Brady got Little People!
Grace's favorite gift, even to this day, is an umbrella that Micah's fiance' Erica gave her. It has matching golashes, and she plays with it daily!

Christmas morning! We opened presents with just our immediate family before all the days festivities began. What a day!

Fighting over the one toy Mimi has had at her house since 1977. I think it's time for bed!
Grace in her Christmas Eve pajamas before bed.
Christmas Eve we went to church with my uncle and his family who live in town. It was a good service. We watched part of "It's a Wonderful Life" because you have to do that! Here is Brady and Papaw before bed. We stayed at my Mimi's house and at one point 15 or so people were sleeping there. We kicked some out to stay at my uncle's, but it was a great time!

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