Monday, March 3, 2008

Day 4- All About the Magic Kingdom

We let Grammy and Pops take Brady back to our hotel this night, and we stayed out with Grace. The parade was just amazing, with everything in lights. Then we stayed for the fireworks show, which was good too. It had rained that evening, so not as many people were still at the park. That turned out great for us, because we got to run up to rides and do them again and again. This is when we figured out how much Grace loved the "adult" rollercoasters. Her #2 ride was the Runaway Mine Train and her #1 ride was the Brer Rabbit Log Ride. You not only got wet, but you saw the Brer Rabbit story and took a 50 ft. plunge! She loved it! Too bad I didn't get pictures of those rides!

Cinderella and the Prince in a completely lit up coach! The parade was amazing at night because every float and costume had lights all over it!

Ursula from "The Little Mermaid"
One of the fairy godmothers from "Sleeping Beauty" on a float

Grace in "It's a small world" and loving her new Minnie hat!
"It's a small world, after's a small, small world!"

Let me explain... we were waiting in line for "It's a small world", when I realized Brady's pants were wet. If you've been to Disney, you know you don't want to get out of line. I had to change his diaper IN LINE while moving forward. Aunt Marisa wanted a shot of this. Meanwhile, you're listening to the song "It's a small world" over and over. Josh avoided this ride this time, but it ended up being Brady's favorite, and Grace's #5, so we had to ride it again with Daddy. The funny thing was that when Josh rode it with us, it broke and we were stuck in the last room hearing that song over and over for at least 10 minutes. I thought he was going to jump overboard!

The Peter Pan ride! This was Grace's #4 ride and we rode it 2 or 3 times. Brady actually liked this one, which was rare. And we all 4 got to ride together.

This was Grace's #3 ride(meaning it was her third favorite). It was a Goofy rollercoaster that she rode with Mommy. She rode it again the next day with Daddy. The bad thing is that all these rides are about 1 minute long.

This is the Mad Hatter Tea Party ride. Grace, Marisa, Grammy and Brady were in the slow teacup. Brady cried the whole time. I mistakenly got in one with Josh and Pops, who spun it as hard as they could the entire time. I got a major headache from being dizzy!

We were going to stay at Magic Kingdom all day, and the kids were excited! They knew this is where the most fun would happen! Brady liked his stroller for the most part, and Grace has a place to sit or stand on the back.

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