Monday, March 3, 2008

Day 3- Probably 10,000th time of hearing "When you wish upon a star"

Day 3 was mostly spent at the Animal Kingdom. We saw some great hippos, among other animals. They make all of the parks so interesting, and always have things to look at. Even if some things aren't really for small kids, there is plenty to look at. We did go back to our room and nap this day, and finished the day up back at the Magic Kingdom. We rode Aladdin carpets, went on a Jack Sparrow pirate's ride, and a boat cruise. At night Cinderella's castle would light up different colors, which the kids thought was real magic! Here they are actually being nice to one another!
We took an actual safari ride, which was amazing. Brady loved looking at the wild animals, many of which we had never seen before. We got really close to the lion!

This was a "Bug's Life" 3-D show. Not only was the show in 3-D, but water would spray on you when the bugs spit, you smelled different smells, like a dung beetle spraying (which stunk), and at the end of the show when the lights came on, you could hear bugs scatter and felt them run underneath your bottom. Everyone was screaming and it was hilarious!

This was a dinosaur dig the kids loved. They could dig in the sand and find huge, life-size dinosaur bones. Cleaning them up was a challenge for mommy, but hey, isn't that what vacation is for?

This was a great dinosaur park where the kids played for quite some time. They had little slides, big slides, dino footprints and bones.

Disneyworld has this ride in serveral versions. This is the dinosaur one, but their are Aladdin carpets, Dumbo, and rockets. Josh and Grace rode this one. This was the beginning of us finding out that Grace is quite the daredevil. She wanted high and fast! She was scared in rides that were completely dark and had skeletons or ghosts, but rollercoasters and high rides were her favorite! Who knew? Brady was scared in everything, but if he could ride it, we took him on it.


Yokora said...

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kelly w said...

dianna! i LOVE seeing all your pictures from disney! i wish we had been there at the same time! that would have been so awesome! looks like you guys had a blast as well! PLEASE don't think i was slamming you when i was talking about kids sleeping :) when i saw 5 6 and 7 year olds needing naps in the middle of the day in a stroller, THAT'S what was so amazing to me! i saw plenty of under 2's napping while the big kids got to continue having fun :) my kids just think they are twins!!! crazy! we'll catch up sometime soon! love you!!!