Monday, March 3, 2008

Disneyworld- Part II

We ended Day 2 at the Magic Kingdom. We took a bullet train from Epcot over to the MK. Then we took a boat across a lake. Magic Kingdom is really where all the action is for little kids to enjoy. We saw a Mickey Show at Cinderella's castle and climbed all through the Swiss Family Robinson tree house. Grace kept saying, "Look Daddy, more stairs!"
This was still Day 2 at Epcot, and they had a special building where all the main characters were. I thought that was great! Although it was a little line to wait, at least you could knock out a lot of characters at once. Let me interject here about the Photo Pass you could get. There were employees of Disney all over the park, who had a credit card type thing and a camera. They would give you one card, and you could have your picture made with any character, at the castle, or a number of other places. They would scan your card before they took your picture. Now that we're home, we log on to a website and look at all the pictures that were taken. You can purchase different sizes, or not any! Of course all of these pictures came from our digital camera, which are great I think, but we will order some off our Photo Pass too.

Brady was loving to give each character "high five".

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