Monday, March 3, 2008

January Pics

After Bath! It is so much easier right now since we can bathe them together.
Here are the kids looking sweet right before Valentine's Day. Little did I know Brady had been coloring on the wall!

I don't know if any of your kids do this, but Grace is nuts at bedtime. Not only is she a crazy sleeper, eats in her sleep, and opens her eyes, but she dresses crazy after we put her down for bed. Here she is in non-matching clothes, with leg warmers on and about 3 pairs of socks! Crazy girl!

Over Christmas, my brothers kept making rude comments about Brady's mullet. I didn't think it was a mullet, and didn't want to cut my precious baby's hair off. But in Jan. we decided it was time. He was a great sport and looks like a big boy now. Daddy took pictures while Mommy snipped away.

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