Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rickman Family Christmas

I didn't take many pictures of this occasion, but it was fun! Everyone opened their stockings and then we gave my Mimi her gift. My mom put it together and it was from everyone. She had each person write a letter to my grandmother telling her how we were saved and what God has been doing in our life. The book was incredible and what a gift to give her! We also shared with each other how we had served others this year.

My grandmother sings and plays piano, so after we have gifts, we always go into the living room and sing all kinds of Christmas songs. It is a great tradition, and wonderful to hear my grandmother sing "Sweet little Jesus boy." Some also like to do the 12 days of Christmas, but I don't care for that one. Some people sing solos, but we all sing together too. I love it!

My mom, Zachary and dad in the back; Justin and Adam in the front

Aunt Patti, Daniel, and Uncle Tim

My mom with both Josh's
Micah and Uncle Scott
Aunt Twila & Jeffrey
Jared, Uncle Mark, and Aunt Shari--everyone got goodies in their stocking!

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