Saturday, May 24, 2008

This and That...

Here is Brady before church in his seersucker suit!!! No hair combed, of course. Josh actually took this picture because he says he is finally wearing something boyish. Josh hates the john-johns/jumpers that I put Brady in most Sundays. Speaking of Josh, please excuse the plethora of You Tube videos. I came home and he had posted Grace's every breath for the past week. We did have to put a small bit of dance recital and t-ball on there for her Papaw to see, but not the whole recital!!
The picture above and below are a typical day at our house. Grace is really into coloring, drawing, making notes for people, writing out her letters and numbers and the few words she can spell, and singing in her spare time. Brady on the other hand is a one man wrecking crew. Here he is playing a recorder, but normally he is throwing balls, hitting things with a bat or golf club, and generally aggrivating Grace. He says the word t-ball seriously about 50 times a day. He's supporting Ole Miss and Uncle Zach with his t-shirt. I haven't bothered to fix up our house very much because everything new I buy, they destroy. There are scratches and dings and crayon markings all over that nice table behind Brady. They sit there and play bookstore or shopping. Grace rings up all the stuff Brady brings her with their Fisher Price cash register. Does anyone else remember playing that stuff with their siblings??

The Tiptons came for a visit at the end of April and we were so glad they did! It was short because they had other friends and family to see, but it was so nice to catch up and let the kids play. My family (parents, brothers, and I) moved to Tennessee in August of 1992 the day before school started. I was NOT happy to leave Texas, and was a 15 yr old at that. The night we got to our new house, our next door neighbors came over to say hello. It was the Cherry family. They invited us to church, and had 3 kids around our same ages. Elaine immediately became one of my greatest friends. We had some classes together in high school, went to church together, did our nails together, and sometimes our homework. We could see each other through our kitchen windows, and it was SO fun living next to them. She was even my maid of honor. We are still great buddies and it was a blessing for them to visit!

The kids drawing with chalk on our fence

Grace had the end of her choir classes recently. I was disappointed because I thought they would have them all stand up and sing for us. But instead, the director had each kid sit with one parent while they showed us how their classes went each week. We sang the songs they sang, did the motions and games the kids worked on. Maybe next year it will be better. Since Grace loves to sing so much, we really want her to learn in choir.

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klp1975 said...

The aprons are precious and I love little boys in seersucker :)