Saturday, May 24, 2008

T-ball and Tea

On May 8, Grace's school class had a mother's day tea for all of the mommies. It was precious and so special to me. They sang songs and quoted scripture, then served us all lunch. They made all the mini sandwiches, desserts, and fruit. They even made sweet tea, which was very, very sweetened. They even gave us 2 gifts: a blue apron they made and decorated for us, and a book with pictures of them doing fun things at school all through the year.
These are some of the girls in Grace's class. Their teacher had these aprons monogrammed with their names, and the kids got to pick out the type of lace and sew it on! Their teacher is very hands-on and do it yourself. The other dark headed girl is Grace's best friend, Isabelle. She is moving in June to Florida, "by Disneyworld" Grace says. They have always been in the same school class, and I don't think Grace understands that she won't see Isabelle anymore. The beginning of next year may be tough when she gets to school and realizes there is no Isabelle.

Each child was responsible for passing out one food item that they had made as a class. Grace got to pass out the green cupcakes, and got green icing all over her apron. They thought they were so big carrying around big platters of food to all the mommies.

This is her class quoting sections of Psalms 139 ("You created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb...I am fearfully and wonderfully made..."). They memorized around 10 verses of it, with motions the teacher made up. It was so hard not to bawl out loud hearing those precious, tiny children quote so many verses from God's Word. And we can keep practicing it at home. If you can teach them this young scriptures that speak to their heart, I believe they will remember it when they are going through difficult times. How wonderful for a little girl to know she is designed by God and precious to Him! I am so grateful for her school and her teachers that work so hard to teach them in the way they should go.

Good game!

Poor Brady! He is dying to play t-ball. When we even get near the church grounds, he starts yelling t-ball at the top of his lungs. Even if it's Sunday morning or a school day. He sits with the team on the bench, and sits with them for the post-game talk. He is on 3rd base here, wishing he were really in the game. He helps Grace warm up before the game starts. Thank goodness Grammy and Pops come to the games to help me keep him off the field. That is a huge job!

Grace is so happy! Of course this is before the game, when she's just looking forward to seeing her friend Sam and getting snacks and juice boxes. The actual game playing is something she would pass up.

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