Thursday, May 1, 2008

Random pictures & Activities

Grace is winding down her year of dance. She really loves it and wants to be so independent. She begs me to let her go into dance herself, while I watch her from the car. She is one of the oldest in her class, which means she is probably bossing the others around. I am sure we will post many pics of her recital!
Grace and friends!

We have the absolute greatest city athletic center! I am really trying to go 3-4 days a week to lost weight for my brother's wedding, and the kids go to the childcare center for a little over an hour. They are building the outdoor pool facilities, but here is our indoor pool area. They have a lap pool, a pool for aerobics and swimming, a shallow pool for swim lessons, a current channel, and this shallow play area. Grace loves the water and has no fear. I have to watch her very carefully. Brady on the other hand was petrified and wouldn't even let me put him down in the water. He was a baby last year, and I guess doesn't remember the 200 times we went swimming and he was floating in a covered turtle floatie! Maybe he'll get used to it!

This is Brady's new pose for pictures. I don't know where he got the idea that you have to squat and "get ready" like Grace does during t-ball. But he's cute, nonetheless.

I always love pics of my kids before church. Maybe I like them dressed up with their hair slicked down. Anyway, this was a Sunday morning, and Grace wasn't feeling very well. We made it through our morning of activities though.

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