Thursday, May 1, 2008

T-ball, Here We Come!

Grace was thrilled to be able to play baseball like her Uncle Zachary, so we signed her up with our church league, and Josh decided he wanted to coach. She loves the outfits, snacks, and water breaks, but doesn't care so much about the game. She actually hits well and knows to run to first base. Being in the field is pretty distracting though. She dazes off, or wants to come sit by me, and doesn't really chase the ball down. Maybe that will come in time, or maybe baseball isn't for her. We'll see...
Grammy, Pops, and Aunt Marisa at her first game! Uncle Gary must've been scouting other players. Grace loves all the attention!

If you can't tell, she's the only girl on the team. The other teams we played have had at least 3 girls, and one team was almost all girls. Oh well, she doesn't seem to notice, although she covets the other girl's pink bats and shoes!

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