Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lubbock Trip!

Grace and Benjamin chowing down on bbq and homemade ice cream. They had a big churner that was fun to watch! Overall, our trip across West Texas was a hit! We had a great time with many of our cousins and grandparents. Brady is finally getting better in the car, so we will make this trip again. So long, friends!
My friend, Rebecca. I always have to thank/ or NOT thank Rebecca for introducing me to Josh. :) We were in the same sorority together and became friends. She introduced me to her silly cousin Josh and we dated ever since. It's so nice and fun to have a friend that is actually in the family. She married Josh's good friend Lou, so we have a lot of fun together. Now that they moved halfway between Dallas and Lubbock we will visit a lot! It was so fun at their house!

Brady wanted nothing to do with the water. I guess the other kids were too big for him to be bouncing around. He is a lightweight!

Clyde had a great bbq on July 5th that we went to. They had this great band playing old country songs, and these little old men singing and playing. We all loved it! They also had bounce houses and water slides to do.

On our way home, we stopped in Clyde, TX to visit Josh's cousin, husband, and family. They love playing with their cousins Benjamin, Madilyn, and Jacob.

Grace and Brady with their Mom-mu and Grandad

Brady was pretty scared of the fireworks, but looked at a few of them, while having a death grip on me!

The kids watching the fireworks show. It was an awesome show and plenty of fireworks!

Later in the afternoon we went back to the Fisher's for a cookout. We set up our slide there for 8 kids to play on. They all had a blast with all the Fisher's toys.

A moment of affection: Sharing the towel with her brother after the slip n' slide
After the parade, we went back to Josh's Mom-mu and Grandad's. We set up our slip n' slide and Josh once again had to throw the kids down it. Cousin Caitlin loved it and really played a long time on it (unlike our kids).

July 4th we went to the 4th on Broadway parade. It was hilarious; small town parade with people throwing out candy and lots of floats and cars with businesses on them. Josh about died with the Gay and Lesbian float that said "Things are Changin'". The Fishers brought about 100 donut holes that we all ate while we enjoyed the parade. It was fun.

Me and my Mamaw- see the resemblance??

Luke, Brady, Logan, Grace, and Hannah

Brady loved banging the drums

We always LOVE to see our friends the Fishers'. Josh has been friends with Jason since 8th grade and their kids are so fun! We got invited to the Science Spectrum with them, and my kids had a blast. They especially loved the water table!

My Mimi and her only great grandkids. We always have fun staying at her house and boy is she a great cook!
When we got to town, we went to Mimi's house. We had dinner at On the Border with my uncle Scott, Aunt Patti, and cousin Jessica. She is awesome with kids, and entertains Grace and Brady so well!
Aaahh! Sleeping children in the car! Could anything be better. This trip looks so relaxing, right? I could only get pictures while they were behaving. There's no time for pics when Mama's driving down the highway at 75 mph trying to stop the fighting in the back, pass out snacks, change the DVD, get someone's dropped sippy cup, etc. We did make it there safely!

Brady intently watching "Elmo's World"

I decided it was about time to go to Lubbock (where Josh and I grew up) to visit Josh and my grandparents, other family, and some friends. We were so blessed to get a new Honda minivan (although I said I would never drive a "mommy car"). So the kids and I packed up and headed out of Dallas. This is how we started the trip. Movies galore! We tried the headphones, but Brady couldn't keep them on, so Mommy had to listen to hours of Elmo. Oh well, it's better than screaming!

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