Wednesday, July 16, 2008

June 2008

I got roped into being a director for Vacation Bible School, so that took up a lot of our month. We were at church a whole week prior setting up our room and getting prepared. Then we had the whole week of VBS. I taught 4 yr olds, but not Grace's class. Also, during VBS week, Grace started private swim lessons. She really learned a lot from Mrs. Leslie and can swim pretty well. She wouldn't let the parents watch because the kids are so preoccupied, so on the last day they had a show off day. Here is Grace kicking and putting her face in the water.

Poor Presley running away from the ants and fire!
One night we were going to cookout, and took the cover off our grill. We had grilled out about a week before and thought nothing of it. If you look closely, this is an ENORMOUS ant bed under our grill. It was so tall and had millions of ants swarming around. I was freaking out because Grace is deathly allergic and I was scared for our 10 lb. dog. Josh was trying to use all sorts of fluids to blow the whole thing up with fire. Needless to say, this was one eventful meal!

We decided to get a slip n' slide for the summer. Boy was that a mistake. Our kids have no idea how to slide on it, and are terrified when Josh throws them down it. They like to splash in the water and that's about it. Good thing we can go to the city pool for free!

Grace finished up her t-ball season and never once noticed she was the only girl on the team. She says she will play next year-we'll see. Here she is getting her award from Daddy and Coach Matthew. Everyone got one game ball for a trait they possessed. Grace: loudest singer in the field. Maybe she won't be a great athlete!

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