Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Princess Camp

Grace making her jewelry box with "real rhinestones" on it!
Please ignore the fact of how skinny Brady is. You can see his ribs from behind! We are hoping as winter comes, he gets fat stores and puts on some pounds. He is just too busy to eat or sit in a highchair for more than 5 minutes.

Brady didn't get to do much the week of Princess Camp, but we did go to Carrollton's City water park with Meaghan and Jackson. The boys have such a good time together, and it gives us mommies time to talk.

She even had a graduation ceremony and certificate for completing Princess Camp. The things people think up for kids to do these days!!

Grace was old enough to attend Princess Camp at our church in July. It is for 4-6 yr old girls, and it is a hoot! All the girls learn something about God each day and how they are a "princess of the King." They see skits with "real" princesses, have song time, art time and even manner time. She learned all sorts of table manners and behavioral manners. She will tell Josh or I that we are breaking a princess manner, like having our elbows on the table at dinner. Hilarious! She had a wonderful time and actually learned a lot!

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