Friday, August 22, 2008

Wedding Day!

(*sidenote: read this from the bottom up)
I took so many pictures that I ran out of memory! So someone else will have to send me the pictures of them leaving the reception. They went to Jamaica for their honeymoon and had a great time. I have seriously prayed for my brother for about 7 years that he would find the perfect wife for him. If Erica has decided she wants to put up with him, we'll take her! She is one special girl! It was such a fun day!
The kids loved the band and dancing! I think they would've danced all night. Brady really has some rhythym!

Erica and Micah Miller

My dad married Erica and Micah. We're not sure how that was legal, or if they're really married now, but they say yes. We were all so worried about him doing it, because he "preaches" to his Sunday School class each Sunday. He said he was going to start the ceremony with the first marriage of Adam and Eve and end with the last marriage of Christ and the church, and tell everything in between. We were worried we would be in the hot sun until the sun went down! But the wedding was so short. Maybe 30 minutes. He did a wonderful job!

Grace did a really good job as a flower girl! She walked down the aisle with a smile and stood with the bridesmaids for a while. She did tire of that and went and sat with my mom. Poor Josh missed the whole wedding. He was over to the side letting Brady throw leaves in the lake.

I love this picture of my dad and brothers. Zachary was so serious about the whole deal. He had to walk so many people down the aisle, he kept having to ask and make sure he was performing correctly! He hasn't been in as many weddings as the rest of us yet, and he wanted to get it right.
Here are the groomsmen. I thought their suits were nice and didn't get too wrinkled. The ties were blue and green. My brother is in the middle, acting like Ron Burgandy. All these guys are friends from junior high, high school, and college.

Grace had the BEST day! She got to wear the dress she waited so long to wear, got to wear lipgloss, and be with "big" girls. She wasn't too fond of the flower ball(don't know the correct term for it), so she wanted to carry my huge bouquet or my mom's little bouquet around instead.

My mom and I. Some people think we look just alike, and some think I look like my dad. She is much more petite than I am. My friends all call her Sally Field, because they think she looks like her.

Here was their cake. I didn't eat any, so I have no idea how it tasted. I really liked their last name initial on the top. I guess that's the new thing! So much better than a plastic bride and groom.

I thought my kids looked beautiful! I am a little biased. Grace's dress looked a lot like Erica's and she loved the headband! The groomsmen wore very light tan linen suits so my mom got Brady this linen short set. Josh thinks all the stuff he wears is so girly, but he's only little once!

Erica got Grace a necklace and a princess CD player for being in the wedding. It is a little portable CD player with plastic CD's that has only one volume-LOUD! Grace loves it, but Uncle Zachary didn't like it for the 7 hr trip home.

All the bridesmaids and Erica got ready at the yacht club. She had these 2 ladies come and do all of our hair. It was raining all afternoon and Erica was getting really sad about that, but it stopped and cleared up before the ceremony at 7. It actually cooled things off and wasn't so blazing hot!

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