Friday, August 22, 2008

Lubbock 08-08-08

Grandad making sure no one gets hurt!
Cyla not wanting to get wet

Josh has 7 cousins in his family that are all around his age. All of them have kids, so Josh's Mom-mu and Grandad already have 15 great-grandchildren with one more on the way. Here are Brady, Grace, Caitlyn, Colten, and Caden playing on the slip-n-slide. All 15 of those kids are 5 and under. You should see Christmas time!

Since so much of my family was in town, we stayed at Josh's grandparents' house. We always enjoy staying with them. Grace was making Mom-mu play princess something or other.

My aunt Twila playing the dulcimer. My dad and I sang, and some of my other cousins played their guitar. We are the Original Family Band! :)

Another hilarious and fun thing about our family is that we like to perform and sing. Not to a large group of people, but for each other. Every Christmas, Mimi plays the piano and we all sit around and sing carols. So after the party, my family put on a talent show for my grandmother and her brothers. My uncle Tim's family is very artistic, so they painted a canvas together during a song, and it was a completed picture when they were done.

My Mimi with 2 of her sisters-in-law and her niece

cousins Abbee, Jill, and Josh

my cousins Jeff, Jared and Dan Gibbens-Rickman

Funny story about the cake...we ordered it from this YUMMY bakery in Lubbock. It looked pretty wild and crazy with all the colors on it. Anyway, my uncle picked it up and was driving it slowly to the church. Some lady stopped really quickly in front of him and he had to slam on the brakes. His box of golf shoes fell on the cake, right on my grandmother's face. My mom about died! We had to leave the cellophane on the cake over her picture because the picture was coming up with the plastic. I think even Mimi was a bit embarrassed! We kept the cake hidden and brought it out, sang to her, and quickly cut that baby up. It was funny!

You can somewhat see how we decorated. Colored napkins and the olympic rings. Each table had different pictures of my grandmother. She is the only girl with 4 brothers, so she was and is pretty special! We had the party at her church in their garden room.

Grace listening to her movie

Grace and I drove home from TN on Tuesday and on Thursday the whole fam packed up in the minivan and we drove to Lubbock. My Mimi turned 80 yrs old on 08-08-08 (weird, I know!), so of course we had to have her party that day! It was Olympics themed since it was the day of the opening ceremonies. Here is Brady watching Elmo on the drove across West Texas.

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