Monday, September 22, 2008

Brady Turns 2

Brady has not done well in recent visits to the picture place, so we just took him out to a field one night and took some pics for his 2 yr photos. I thought they turned out okay.
Tomorrow, Sept. 23, Brady will be two years old. In some ways the time has flown by and in other ways it has been very slow. Each child is such a gift to us, because Josh and I feel like we don't deserve them and weren't sure we could have them. Brady has been more challenging than Grace, however I'm hoping that means he will be a strong man with opinions, convictions, and always stand his ground. I always tell Josh that God made him extra cute with that blonde hair and huge blue eyes so that I wouldn't strangle him! He's a mess! But we love him so much and he brings such joy and liveliness to our family. Brady we love you, buddy!

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Carrie and Ross said...

He is too cute for words!! Yee-haw!