Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall Has Begun!

I am pretty sure I haven't blogged about this, but I have griped on facebook. Months ago, Josh told me how great it would be for me to work at the kids' preschool. I would be there with them, their tuition would be greatly discounted, we could save on gas, and I would make a little "fun" money. At the time that sounded great! Well, being with 19 2-3 yr olds all day is making me insane!! I thought I would be able to use my early childhood education degree and actually teach, but what I am really doing is teaching a bunch of kids turning 3 how to sit on the potty! We'll see how long I can take it. So this is Brady and I with my CLC t-shirt on.
The actual first day of school was here way too fast. I don't know if I was living in a dream world or what, but the day before school I realized Grace's backpack was broken and Brady had no backpack or lunchbox at all! And neither of their tennis shoes fit! What an awesome mom I am! So we headed to Target and got new backpacks for all! I think it's silly that they have to wear tennis shoes EVERY day! It's still 90 degrees here, and they've been wearing sandals and crocs all summer. Not any more. I am partial to cute girl shoes, as is Grace, so it's hard to wear tennis shoes every day!

Brady started school this year! I am feeling really sad about this because he is going 2 days a week and Grace only went one day a week at that age. But he seems to really enjoy it! How they get 2 yr olds to nap on a mat is beyond me! This was "meet the teacher day." So far I like both their teachers. I know Grace's dress is a little old-fashioned. It was mine. When I started first grade, my dad let me pick out a dress with him that I could wear on the first day. Did you get that? I wore that dress in first grade, and Grace is only 4!!!! I don't know if they made clothes smaller back then, or I have a monster child. Anyway, she really liked the apples on the bottom of it.
Here is Grace going to her first dance class of the fall. She has moved up to the Rhythm and Rhyme Class II, but she still goes on Wednesday mornings. She seems to really enjoy it and tries to show the other girls how to dance. What else would you expect?

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Jennifer Ferguson said...

Ahhh, only my friend Dianna would still have clothes from when she was a small child! Love you girl!