Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sima Phi Lambda, Sisters for the Lord

This was at the end of the weekend, and there weren't as many girls left. Maybe I ran them all away! Anyway, it was a relaxing time and a nice change from being a mommy all the time.

Now I am almost caught up to this ACTUAL week! Yeah!
These are my very closest friends from college. Some were roommates, others I had classes with, but all were in the sorority. 11 of us stayed in a hotel one night, and other nights some stayed at my house. We shopped and stayed up late and talked for hours on end! Don't the rest of you want to come? :)

This is me and Julie. We were roommates our sophomore year. It was great to reconnect with her and visit in person. She has 2 adorable boys!

Believe it or not, this group of girls has been friends for 12 years!! You read that right! These are some of my dearest friends from college, who all met joining Sigma Phi Lambda, a Christian sorority at Texas Tech. Some of us are older than others and pledged at different times, but we all share the bond of college days and fun times! We had a reunion at my house 2 years ago, and it was much smaller. Well word got around and this thing ballooned! It was great to see people and catch up! This picture was at an Italian restaurant in Grapevine where the majority of us met for dinner. It was great! And like Meaghan mentioned in her blog, there are 5 pregnant women in the pic and who knows how many kids amongst us.

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Shana said...

This looks like so much fun! I love seeing all the familiar faces!!!