Monday, November 3, 2008

Cowboy Day

Can't leave brother out! Look at his hair all slicked back. What a character! He's getting pretty good at this pop-a-shot thing he got for his birthday.
Both the jean dress below and this white and red shirt were mine when I was little. I am so thankful my mom saved all this stuff. Keep in mind though, that sizes must be different now a days because these are size 6 and my 4 yr old is wearing it. Yikes!

Grace was having "Rr" week at school and studying the rodeo, so they had to dress as cowboys/cowgirls. Her boots were too small so we had to get new ones. She really wanted pink, but we made her settle for black and red, so they could be passed down to brother. She wasn't very happy about it. Thursday at school they had a cookout and everything!

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Amanda Lovell said...

Thank you for finally updating your blog. I was going to mention it to you if I had to look at Wally one more time. :) J/K You got some great pics at Greta's party and also at the FM pumpkin patch. My mom commented this weekend how cute your kids were. She hasn't seen them in a while and couldn't get over how much they had grown.