Monday, November 3, 2008

Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch

Everybody on the train
Gary and Marisa- Caleb's parents


Caleb- isn't he precious?!
This was a huge haystack the kids wanted to climb. I was very impressed they were so brave!

This is Josh's cousin Rachel, her husband Jeremy, and their daughter Pacey. She's almost one, and such a cutie!!

Pops and our nephew Caleb on the hayride

So he's scared of all the inflatibles, but he climbed right up to the top of the jungle gym, no problem!

Brady and Grammy. Brady is really scared of the inflatibles, so Grammy occupied him elsewhere.
One Saturday we went with the Palmer fam to another pumpkin patch. It was totally free and had train rides, hay rides, inflatibles, and many picture opportunities. Another great day!

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Jennifer Ferguson said...

I LOVE this pumpkin patch! We have taken Luke there every year, ok so twice! :) It is so fun!!!