Friday, January 23, 2009

Bowling and Jesus?

Santa- 2008- No one is crying! Good enough for me!
The last part you wait in is like you are inside a snowglobe. It's snowing fake snow and the huge train front was coming in. It makes the wait worthwhile! Thank you Willow Bend Mall!

Our mall has the coolest interactive area to wait for Santa. Last year it was the Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe, and this year it was The Polar Express. As you wait in line, you pass these huge snowglobes that have moving people in them (like the boy looking out his window at the train coming). Lots to look at! Then you go through this tunnel that looks like the inside of the train! The kids could pull levers and ropes and push buttons that all made train sounds. So cool!

This was the day I took the kids to see Santa. I dressed them up all cute, and they were doing the silliest poses. It was driving me crazy because I never got a good one. Oh well, off to see Santa. Hope that goes well....

This is one day before school. The kids are loving this time of year at school because they are learning Christmas songs and hearing all about Jesus' birth. They have Happy Birthday Jesus parties at school and celebrate the Savior's birth. I am so thankful we are still free to go to a Christian preschool and teach our children about God!

Gabrielle, Katie, and Grace partying down like 5 yr olds do!
Grace got to go to her first bowling party! Her friend Gabrielle had her party at a bowling alley, and it was so fun! Grace really enjoyed it and did well with the helpful ramp they provided. The way these places do parties now is insane!

Christmas Card Pic??
Precious children! I could just eat them up! Although I don't feel like the best mom sometimes, I think my kids are pretty well behaved and so sweet! My mom made these Christmas outfits for them!

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Carrie and Ross said...

Yay! So glad you updated the blog. :-) The kids' Christmas outfits were so cute. Tell your mom good job.