Friday, January 23, 2009


I got to sing again this year in our church's Christmas program, Gloria. It's always such a fun time and so amazing singing with just over 500 people! John Tesh was a part of our program. Entertainment Tonight anyone?? He was pretty good if you like that type of thing, but his little singing assistant girl was so annoying. Anyway.... we only had 4 performances this year, which was much more bearable. Grace and Josh came with his parents, and Brady went to the nursery. Grace really enjoyed the ballerinas that came out of the ceiling. Please ignore our horrendous red glitter tops! Not what I would choose to wear!
We have this little wooden manger scene, and Brady got it one day to play with. He was just in his own world, talking, and acting things out. He seems to know more than Grace did at this age, which is amazing to me, since Grace talks nonstop. What a precious boy!

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