Friday, January 30, 2009

Christmas Morning, Part I

For the past few years, Josh and I haven't gotten big gifts for each other. We just fill each other's stockings, sometimes over the brim. It's been really fun! He got athletic pants, a movie, cologne, cross word puzzle book, razor blades, etc. I got a new watch, Junior Mints :), a renewed PEOPLE subscription (if you know me, you know how much I love this!), a CD and more. Sorry that there's never any pictures of me. Well, I'm not really sorry. I am always taking the pictures, and what mommy wants pictures of them in mis-matched pj's and no make-up on Christmas morning? Yikes!
I like stockings the best! They are so fun to fill! The kids got candy, markers, chap stick, these mugs with their names on them, and other little trinkets. For first time stocking fillers, Target's dollar section is awesome!

That girl loves to sing!

Does Daddy like Christmas or what??

Grace loved the bike, especially the little bag on the front.

I'm pretty sure Brady's favorite gift was the gun, which made 20 different annoying shooting sounds.

Santa came to our house on Dec. 23rd because we were leaving for Tennessee the next day. Our car couldn't fit 3 weeks worth of clothes, 20 presents, a bike, keyboard, 4 people and a dog with cage! Good thing the kids don't understand yet that Santa is supposed to come for the 25th. Here they are waiting at the top of the stairs to see if Santa really came!

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