Friday, January 30, 2009

Palmer Christmas

Palmer Family- 2008
Josh got ties, dress pants, golf glove, etc. I got the same kitchen shears as Marisa, giftcards, perfume, and pj's. It was a great Christmas for all! It's really nice that we get to see each other frequently anyway, since we live near one another. But Christmas is always special.

Caleb got a musical tool bench, balls, and a highchair.

Pops got clothes and giftcards, I think. Sadly, it's been to long for me to remember. He likes to help the kids open the boxes!

Grammy got clothes and her necklace. She also made us a nice lunch to eat. I think Christmas is her favorite holiday.

Uncle Gary got lots of giftcards. He wants special parts for guns, which none of us know how to get. Poor Gary!
Aunt Marisa got some kitchen shears, a robe, pj's and giftcards.

Grace got a Cinderella barbie and a baby doll. She loves dressing things right now.

Brady got this cool tool bench and a Cars sleeping bag! Both great gifts!

We had our Palmer Christmas early, on the 20th. We were going to TN and Marisa and Gary were going to Lubbock. Here is uncle Josh holding sweet Caleb. Grace loves to help take care of him.

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