Friday, January 30, 2009

An X-rated Christmas

I may be kicked off Blogger for this picture, but it's worth it. If you have ever seen my son in person, you know how very skinny he is. I don't know another 2 yr old with such a defined six pack. Anyway, one morning after breakfast I went upstairs to find this little guy running around. He had taken his diaper and pj's off, and put on my fuzzy socks and this hat. Hilarious! Think this can be bribery during his wedding video?
Because I work at the preschool, I couldn't go to the whole hour of the party. So Grammy came to be with Grace. She helped her decorate a gingerbread house.

Her class recited the Lord's Prayer and sang a few Christmas carols. They are getting so big!

Grace's class wrote on the board for all of us to see their names.

These are all the little brothers and sisters. They got to decorate cookies, but not participate in the story.

The whole crew! My friend does this for her older daughter, who is in public school. She invites all the girls in her class. What a great way to tell little kids about Jesus who may not hear about him at home!

Our friend Sam had the greatest Christmas party! We got to make a craft, decorate cookies, and then act out the true Christmas story. All of the kids invited were Sam's boy friends from school and soccer, but Grace was the lone girl invited. Someone had to be Mary, and no 5 yr old boy would choose that!

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