Saturday, March 28, 2009

Frisco Fire Safety

They had a very old firetruck on display that all 25 kids got on. It is so neat to see how our community works. Next to the fire station they have built a "safety town." It is a child size town that looks like an adult's world. A miniature wal-mart, post office, bank, church, etc. on 2 lane marked roads with street lights. The kids can bring bikes and learn safety on the streets and tour the buildings. We didn't get to do that on this outing because we had to have an evaluation meeting with Grace's teachers. We found out she is doing excellent and can progress to kindergarten with no difficulty. Whew!!! Glad to hear that one!
Grace (in green) climbing onto the ambulance.

On March 6th, we planned a playgroup outing with our adult SS class. We went to the Frisco Fire Station. It is a new station and we got to tour their kitchen and bedrooms. They talked about fire safety and showed a firefighter putting on all his gear. They really reassured the little ones that a fireman is nice and not scary in the mask and all. Then we got to tour the fire trucks and ambulance. Grace was all about it, running off in her independent way, and Brady was apprehensive, like always, wanting Mommy to hold him the whole time. He did explore a little.

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