Saturday, March 28, 2009

Q & U Wedding

The kids sitting in their rows during the ceremony
Here is Grace's teacher, Ms. Irene, who did the ceremony. She talked about how Q and U always go together and should never be separated. Notice the altar and the arch behind her.

Here is Miss Q and Mr. U in their veil and bow tie. These two kids were chosen to carry them and hold them during the ceremony. The hilarious part was that Gracie's dad came from work in a suit and walked her and Miss Q down the aisle.

The beautiful wedding cake and little favor bags with jelly beans in them. They served punch and everything!

Waiting to walk down the aisle and throw her petals down.
One of the greatest things about teaching at the kids' preschool is that I can peek in on them during the day. Grace is learning so much in her class, and the week they studied Q, they had a Q & U wedding. Since q and u always go together, they had a wedding to join them in union. And boy was it a full out wedding. So cute!! Grace got to wear her flower girl dress from Micah and Erica's wedding.

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