Tuesday, June 16, 2009

April Happenings

We went to a playdate one Friday, and hadn't been there 3 minutes when Brady fell through the monkey bars and split his chin open. That was great! We spent the rest of the day in the ER. He ended up getting the liquid stitches, although now I am not a big fan of them. I don't think the wound closed good. Brady was only crying because he had to leave the park! That's a boy for you! He was awesome in the ER! I'm guessing this is our first of many trips to that place with a rowdy boy!
Grammy and Pops with the grandkids after the program. It was super cute!

Just to give you a feel of how big our church is, this group of kids is all 4 and 5 yr olds. And this is our chapel. It's insane! Grace's choir class was only 3 months of birthdays, and her Sunday class is only Feb, 2004 kids. Needless to say, our children's area is a madhouse!
Brother was great at the performance!! He watched sister perform with intensity!
The Sunday after Easter Grace had her spring choir program. All of the songs had to do with God's love, so they were supposed to wear pink, red, or hearts. In the fall program, Grace sang, but didn't look like she enjoyed it. She did NO hand motions. This time she was really into it. And she was also the girl with THE biggest bow in the show!
Aunt Marisa and sweet cousin Caleb! The kids can't wait until he can run and play with them!

He got a lot of eggs!! Unfortunately it had been a rainy morning, so we had to hunt inside. Not the greatest experience, but they didn't seem to mind.
Cousin Caleb has a great first experience of egg hunting. He really enjoyed shaking the eggs to hear the candy inside. What a cutie!!

The kids got huge easter baskets from us and goodies all week from Granna and Papaw.
After an awesome church service, Grammy, Pops, Marisa and Caleb came over for lunch. It was a good day to spend together.

Palmer Family- Easter 2009

Here's a better picture of the cute vest my mom made with the bunny on it!

Easter morning! Grace is once again wearing one of my outfits, and one my mom made for me years ago. They sure look sweet to be so mischievous!

Buddy mainly watched the shenanigans!

The kids enjoyed dying eggs with Daddy. We got 2 kits and they thought it was pretty cool! However, no one ate one hard boiled egg! That was a waste! Don't know if we will do that again!

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